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God Intersections
GodIntersections.com Current Best Thinking says:

  1. God is the  Owner of our Life and we are the Steward.
  2. Good Stewards don’t make “Owner” decisions.  They simply do what they can.
  3. If God is the Owner then He gets to decide how our life turns out.
  4. If we need direction from the Owner then pay attention to the Intersections God creates in our lives.
  5. In the absence of God’s direction our Current Best Thinking is enough.  Act on what you know.
  6. If God (the Owner) wants our Current Best Thinking to change it is His responsibility to show us how.
  7. Significance is found in letting the Owner lead and simply loving the person currently in front of us.

If any of this rings true for you, I invite you to join the conversation and download my free ebook on God Intersections. Click here for my story

Transitions – moving from 2014-2015

For some reason I have been pondering 2014 a fair amount the last couple of months. Probably because the 7th anniversary of my banishment from corporate America is January 3, 2015. And I can now truly say “what a blessing that was”.   Particularly from a growing in God perspective.

January 3, 2008 was arguably the biggest transition I have ever experienced, at least from an expectations standpoint. And while the pending transition to 2015 is a much less significant event I am embracing this transition as well. I believe God does His best work in the transitions of our lives. The best work in terms of our “Christ-likeness”. Transitions have a way of messing with our expectations. And when our expectations are up-ended God offers us the chance to learn to trust Him further (or choose to pass).

I’ve learned a bit about navigating the transitions of life in way that promotes knowing and trusting God. One of the big learnings is to intentionally capture my Current Best Thinking. As I pondered 2014 I’ve learned much. The most significant include:

  1. God is NEVER in a hurry (only man is)
  2. The more comfortable I become with “not knowing” the easier it is to Trust God
  3. The end game with God is always growing our Identify in Christ
  4. Knowing God is the key to our Identity in Him
  5. “Listening Prayer with Friends” is a key to Knowing God.

So while 2014 was full of ups and downs, goals met and unmet, time frames achieved and missed I have grown in Him. And I’m pretty sure that is the most important thing.

Thank you for your support in what God is doing in and through me and through Truth@Work. You are a valuable member of the community God is using to do something significant in the marketplace.

And if you ever want to “Listen to God with Friends” simply show up at my office ANY Tuesday at 5:30 AM.

May you know God more in 2015!

Are You a Follower or a Believer?

One recent early morning during my Quiet Time God asked me an interesting question.

I had quieted my mind (always a tough thing for me) and was thinking about recent God Intersections.  As I thought about one particular individual I thought “I wonder if that person is a Believer?”.  The Spirit of God quickly dropped a thought in my mind:

“I want you to stop asking that question!”

Quite honestly I was surprised by the thought.  But I’ve learned to quickly check the thoughts against my bible knowledge and then go with them.  My next thought was “I wonder what question I should  ask?”.  In the quietness of the moment I heard:

“Ask if they are a Follower of Jesus?”

I thought “that’s kind of a cool question” and went on with my Quiet Time.  The next God thought surprised me::

“You can be a Follower without being a Believer”.

Now THAT thought messed with my theology.  I have been trained to think you must be a Believer first and then you become a Follower.  As I pondered the conversation with God it became obvious.  Inviting someone to Follow Jesus does NOT require they believe He is the Son of God.  They just need to be willing to follow His teachings.  And if they follow long enough they are sure to become a Believer.

Here’s hoping you invite many to become Followers!


Hearing God’s Voice

I was minding my own business nursing a particular injustice this weekend when the God of the Universe showed up and provided this thought “Will you let this situation in your marriage make you more like Jesus or more like the world?”.

And instantly a whole line of thinking appeared.  That’s the way it works for me with God.  I used to think I didn’t hear His voice much. I still don’t actually hear much in the still, quiet places with Him.   Then I learned something big.  Telling God when and how He should speak to us just does not work. When I finally stopped using that approach and let Him teach me I learned some fascinating things about hearing God: