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I Needed Help with Web 2.0 Marketing | God Intersections

As Leadership Productivity Forum and Godintersections.com have grown there has been in incessant need for knowledge, expertise and wisdom. In the fall of 2008 I started freaking out about “all” the things that “I” needed to do to move my Leadership Productivity Forum’s forward. Everything from business cards to websites to sales material to logo’s to taglines to forum materials to sales contacts etc. There wasn’t enough time to do everything. I felt like I was “in a salt mine” (my term for much hard work in a dark place with little results). I know from experience there is no God in such an approach.

It forced me to sit down and further explore whose business was Leadership Productivity Forum anyway (see related article at http://godintersections.com/meadering). Did I really believe it was God’s business? If so then I was simply the steward or day manager ofthe business. It occurred to me that as the steward I could tell the Owner (God) what I needed and He needed toprovide. An interesting thought the first time I had it.

What I needed was internet marketing expertise.

As I worked to build my Leadership Productivity Forum membership I began contacting friends and business associates. Several months into the process I had a conversation with Nick Russo, a friend from an old church. Nick commented that it was too bad I hadn’t called a week earlier because he had just signed up with a business coach. We all know the feelings that accompany that kind of news. “If I had only called earlier things would be different”. As Nick and I talked I had a strange thought. I asked Nick if could have the name of his new coach, thatI would like to meet him. I normally would never ask to meet a “competitor”. He gave me Mike Lucero’s name and contact information. I called Mike and he cautiously agreed to a “30 minute meeting” (he was checking me out). That meeting turned into 3 and ½ hours and one of those business friendships that you treasure. Over the next several months Mike and I spent time hanging out talking about life, God and business. His experience set is very different from my corporate background.  Mike Lucero is a classic entrepreneur that had been developing internet marketing expertise in many businesses for years.
Several months later as I developed the Godintersections ebook (www.godintersections.com/ebookslisting) ,I shared it with Mike. It was simply an interesting idea to me. Mike saw it very differently. He saw it as an idea that could impact a bunch of people in these difficult times IF we could get the idea out to the world. Given his internet experience he suggested a web 2.0 website (www.godintersections.com)where we could enter into a conversation around these ideas with anyone who might be interested. I would not have thought about God Intersections in this way.
Mike then proceeded to help with all phases of the site from design, to content, to flow. All the things I had no idea how to do Mike taught me. He even suggested a great web developer, Greg Kruel, who did the actual development using Open Source tools. What you are using is the fruit of this labor (I hope you enjoy it).
Now think what might NOT have happened if I had simply not made the call to Mike Lucero. I can remember being nervous when I made the call to Mike. Like I was crossing some kind of boundry. And when Mike would only give me 30 minutes I almost cancelled. How foolish that would have been.
As I grow in the concept that I am stewarding God’s business I am learning to Trust God to provide the resources I need when I need them. A good friend of mine, Bill Heitzman, calls them Serendipity. Mike and Greg are great examples of Serendipity in action. I look forward to many more such God Intersections. Who knows what God has planned
Mark Miller

One Response to “I Needed Help with Web 2.0 Marketing”

  1. Mike Lucero says:

    The rest of the story is that “Nick Russo” was introduced
    to me by another coaching client of mine by the name of
    Clem Panelli.

    I helped Clem start a house painting business in Queen
    Creek, AZ… However I originally met Clem when he hired
    my company to paint 3 or 4 of his rentals.

    Four years later, Mark Miller is blogging about how God has
    used our relationship to more effectively fulfill his purpose.

    In each one of our lives, we have crossed paths with others
    who have helped shape our lives. I am grateful for all of these
    people, whether I recognized them at the time or not. If you
    are reading this and you know me, let me say thanks for your
    part in shaping me.

    Looking forward, I am acutely aware that those individuals that
    are in my life today (family, friends, associates, vendors) and
    that those individuals I that will meet every day in the
    future are there for a reason, whether or not I see or
    understand that reason. I freely wish acknowledge a
    responsibility in these relationships and look forward to
    being effective

    What about your life. Who has helped shaped your life?

    Maybe now would be a good time for you to take a moment
    to say thanks to the one (God) who created the “God Intersection”
    and to the one you had that intersection with. A quick phone
    call, text, a card or short letter might arrive at just the “Right Time.”
    My point is you never know…

    Mark Miller advises us to honor our “God Intersections”

    Lastly, don’t be-grudge your current or future relationships (Intersections)…
    There is probably some “Life Shaping” taking place. Your part
    is for you just to be you and let God do the shaping.


    Nick Russo is a Handyman serving Gilbert / Chandler / Meas Arizona and
    surrounding areas and can be found at http://www.USAHomeRepair.com
    (web site available in late June)

    Clem Panelli runs a House Painting Company serving the Gilber / Chandler /
    Queen Creek Arizona and surrounding areas and can be found at

    Mike Lucero is the founder of IPaintHomes.com and coaches a limited
    number of small business owners in taking their businesses to “The Next Level”

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