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Serendipity | God Intersections

Serendipity is finding something unexpected and useful while searching for something else entirely. I have come to experience that in the normal course of living out my roles and responsibilities.  Serendipitous connections regularly occur. These events are God’s hand guiding to me what is needed for Him to fulfill the dreams He has for me.

The words written by author Dallas Willard have had a great influence on my life. Dallas Willard’s work was introduced to me in September 2003 by my friend Don. Don gave me a CD of a speech he heard Dallas deliver. The speech led me to purchase a copy of Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy. The book is about rediscovering our hidden life in God, “life on the rock,” the life that hears and does.

Let’s fast forward five years to the fall of 2008. Linnea’s and my daughter Billie began her first year at the University of Southern California. During one of our campus visits I was reminded that Dallas Willard is a professor at USC.

On Monday April 20th, 2009 I was paired with PGA Professional Wally Armstrong in the Corner Stone Golf Academy Charity Tournament. During our time together Wally mentioned the impact Dallas Willard’s book The Spirit of the Disciples has had on his life. Particularly the book The Transforming Friendship by Leslie D. Weatherhead that Willard wrote about in the book.

Wally also talked about the book he is now writing. It is to be a follow up to Mulligan co-authored by Wally and Ken Blanchard. Sensing I could do something to serve Wally, I left a voice mail for Bruce McNicol author of another book that has influenced my life TrueFaced. The thought was that Bruce, Wally, and I might meet the next morning to discuss their mutual publishing experiences and see what connections might be birthed. Bruce had just finished writing Bo’s Cafe which is to be a follow on book to The Shack.

Driving home after the Tournament Dinner I placed a second call to Bruce. He picked up. We set a time to meet the next morning in his office.

During the next morning’s conversation Dallas Willard’s name came up again. Bruce happened to be an acquaintance of Dallas’. Wally and Bruce talked of their mutual respect for Dallas’ work.

Sensing the numerous mentions of Dallas were more than simple coincidence I left a message for Bruce’s thanking him for meeting with Wally and asking if he would introduce me to Dallas via an email and to explain I would be on the USC Campus on Thursday of this same week. If Dallas had a moment I would like to stop by to say hello.

The next day, Wednesday, I placed a call to Dallas. He answered his phone and graciously offered to meet with me. On the appointed day at the appointed time I showed up at Dallas’ office expecting to engage in a quick and cordial introduction. Upon arriving Dallas was sitting in front of his desk. He rose and extended his hand and greeted me by saying, “I have been waiting for you. Please sit down.”

We talked for one hour. Although it was a 60 minute conversation, it seemed we had talked for many hours. The conversation affirmed that the heart of our Leadership Productivity Forums was congruent with our purpose of being a catalyst for helping CEOs, business owners, and their employees build success businesses and lead significant lives as they learn to fervently trust God.

The path that led me to Dallas had many intersections and within each intersection is a story within the story that made the conversation with Dallas Willard possible. One of the most profound statements Dallas made during our time together was he was not normally in his office on Thursday’s. It was an extraordinary situation that caused him to be scheduled to be in his office on the same day I was to be on campus. By the way Linnea (my wife) and I had only made the decision to be on campus that week the prior Friday.

I ask myself how different this story might have been had I not sown time and effort into serving Wally Armstrong?

Think Well and Be Inspired.

Bill Heitzman
Chief Encouragement Officer
Leadership Productivity Forum

One Response to “Serendipity”

  1. mark miller says:

    Excellent use of Serendipity. It is way cool to see how God uses Intersections to accomplish his purposes.

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