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Managing the Outcomes of our Life/Businesses | God Intersections

Do you agree with the idea that God gives us our businesses and lives and He simply wants us to be good Stewards of them?   If so, you can say we have a part and God has a part.  And as owner of the business God’s part is the financial outcome – how the business turns out.  That should free us from the incessant worrying about:

  1. How our actions are negatively impacting the business?
  2. Are we working hard enough?
  3. Is there something we should be doing that we aren’t?
  4. Why aren’t the financial results where we want them to be?

Unfortunately my experience is while we might mentally understand Stewardship we don’t internalize it well.  Why?  Maybe, because we are afraid if we let God determine the outcome we might NOT get what we want.  Or perhaps we are afraid God will ask us to do something we really don’t want to do.  Or maybe we don’t believe God loves us enough to take better care of us then we can.  All of these are roads to discontent and misery.

The peace and joy God promises lies in LETTING God decide how our story (business or lifewise) turns out.  That anything He decides will be better than our inept attempts at managing the outcome.  That if the journey takes us to a hard place (which it often does), one we don’t know how to deal with He WILL show up and give us the strength and grace to walk through it.  And that the end will be better than we could have imagined and more importantly FAR MORE impactful than we could design.

Think well and find God!

Mark the GodIntersect Guy

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