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Perfection, Excellence and Our Best | God Intersections

How do you define Perfection versus Excellence versus Our Best AND what is our role in each of them?  What does God call us to?  Does it really matterr?

My Current Best Thinking is:

  1. Perfection is defined by God and represents His standard.  Perfection is a standard unattainable by humans.  It is a standard, however, meant to inspire us to greater things.
  2. Excellence is a standard defined by the world we live in.  It is dependent on the thinking of the “designated experts”.   It is the opinion of man and is therefore relative.  Because it is man’s opinion it can be very difficult and frustrating to achieve.  It often moves based on who is evaluating it.
  3. Our Best is the standard we set for ourselves.  Perfection and Excellence may influence how we determine Our Best but Our Best is NOT dependent on what others think.  Our Best is based only on what we think.   Authentic Relationships in our lives may help us to Self Accountability and an ever evolving standard of Our Best.

The point is that we are only called by the living God to Our Best.  He loves us too much to hold us to either His standard or the worlds standard.   He will take Our Best and when mixed with Trust in Him use it to produce Abundant Life in us.

Think well and find God.



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