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Does our Pain keep us from Doing Our Best? | God Intersections

I’ve been pondering the question of Doing Our Best. I’ve had several Intersections of late regarding this point and the universal thinking I’ve run into is that NO, most of us do NOT do our best.  We simply do what it takes to get by.   AND if they would simply Do Their Best everyone’s life around us would be improved. In essence I’m hearing the world say  that if those around us would only do their part then my life, my job, my economy and my world would be a better place to live.

My CBT (Current Best Thinking) is this is a big lie we choose to believe and by choosing it moves the blame for the condition of our world to “the other guy”.

WRONG! I believe 80% of us our doing the very best we can in almost every situation.

Why to I believe this.  Because I see it every day.  Our lives are not driven by whether we do our best or not, we are doing our best as  a function that we do it.  Our lives are driven by one big thought: “STOP THE PAIN”.  Stop the pain of worry about money, of hard relationships, lousy jobs, a God we don’t think cares and the pain of hopelessness.  And without any tools for managing the pain we simply put up big, thick walls that keep us from feeling and certainly keep us from thinking about the happiness of others around us (their definition of Doing Our Best).

So what do we do?

The answer to stopping the pain lies in Gods unconditional love, also known as Real Love (www.reallove.com).  As long as we look to others to make us happy and to meet our needs we are doomed.  Other people CANNOT meet our true needs.  Only being loved can do that.  And God loves us way beyond what we imagine.  Further more He has a plan for our life that, if we will submit to it, will meet our true needs while bringing us the peace and contentment we are all desparate to receive.  How do we find God’s Plan?  That would be called God Intersections (www.godintersections.com/ebooks/God_Intersections_ebook_full_version.pdf).

Learn to live loved and find God’s Plan for your life.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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One Response to “Does our Pain keep us from Doing Our Best?”

  1. Scott Grone says:

    ok, now i’m annoyed…i wrote a GREAT commentary on the subject, told you that you owed me lunch…hit “submit comment” … and then lost the entire thing! ouch!

    so my CBT and recollection is that our conversation on this subject is that i focus on ME doing MY best. i have not dwelled on others (teena, you, etc :) ) doing your best to improve my life and happiness. i believe that if I do my best, others lives will be improved, and mine too.

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