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God’s Path or Mine | God Intersections

For last couple of months I’ve been talking regularly with a missionary friend of mine,  Larry Blakeslee (www.azblake.blogspot.com) who lives in Germany.  We are having a running conversation on the subject of God’s path for our life, how we find it and how we stay on it.  As both Larry and I discussed the current results of our work/ministry, we agreed things are not yet what we had pictured them to be when we began our adventures.  The question we both had was “What do we do now?”.

Our discussion revolved around three alternatives:

  1. Through in the towel – we didn’t seriously consider this but it was fun to toy with.
  2. Work harder to make our vision of what the future should be happen more quickly.
  3. Stay on God’s Path (if we could find it).

We were both well aquainted with #2 (the work harder dummy alternative) and found little fullfillment in it.  Trying to “make things happen” or “control the result” doesn’t produce lasting results.  It does, however, produce weariness and frustration.  We decide to keep looking.

As we discussed God’s Path (#3), I shared my Current Best Thinking surrounding God Intersections.  He was intrigued by the idea that IF we are stewards of our lives and work (meaning God is the “owner” ) then the owner (God) needs to make the path clear.   As we talked we both saw that it wasn’t up to us to “get it right”.  It was up to  God show us His way.  And our experience agreed that God doesn’t have to show us any more than the next single step (in spite of my desire to see the whole path).

The point was that we just needed to see the next step or next God Intersection.  Our responsibility was to see the Intersection and then honor it.

With that confirming insight we both went back to what we are called to do (one to grow disciples of Christ in Europe and one to grow trust in God in Phoenix), encouraged by the Intersection and more at peace.  Subsequent bi-weekly conversation have revealed that God does indeed show us the way, when we can bring ourselves to slow down, relax and simply “see”.

Serve – Trust – Grow



One Response to “God’s Path or Mine”

  1. Betty says:

    I believe it is the noise all around us which keeps us from hearing that “Quiet Gentle Voice’
    thank you for the encouragement to ( zip it up ) slow down, relax, and simply listen.

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