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Standing on the Edge (with God?) | God Intersections

How many of us feel like we are standing on the edge of a precipice in our life.  A precipice that if  we take just one more step we will go plunging over the Edge into a nightmare we have no desire to experience.  A nightmare that represents our deepest fears economically, marriage wise, kid wise,  job wise, whatever.  And every part of us wants to turn from that edge and RUN.  Run like crazy back to the old days (that would be 2007) of predictable and normal and “not too much stress” (even though we didn’t sleep well). But as we stand there we have this strange sense that running back to the “old way” will not solve anything.   That we would simply become entrapped in the old unfulfilled life.

And so we stand there not knowing quite what to do.  And if we get quiet enough and  listen carefully enough we might just hear the whisperings of the Spirit of God (you do know Him, right?).  Whisperings that say “I love you” and  “I can take care of you” and “My way leads to what you are looking for”.   But we are afraid.  And we must make a choice.  Let God lead or me lead?

Is it possible that  He can produce a better outcome for our lives?

Yep.  I’m living it.  I’ve been standing on this Edge for the last year.  And it is scary and I do want to run (sometimes).  BUT…..it is the coolest place I’ve ever been.  A place where God gets to choose when to interrupt me and what the outcome will be.  And it often doesn’t turn out like I would like.  And it often turns out BETTER.  And sometimes NOT.  And then I get to find His love in the middle of an outcome I really don’t want.  And if I’m patient He always shows up.

AND I can’t go back to the old way!

Come join me.

Mark Miller


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