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God is at His Best in My Life when…. | God Intersections

I was talking to my German Missionary friend Larry Blakeslee this week (http://azblake.blogspot.com).  We were discussing how neither of us are currently seeing the big picture of what God is doing in our lives, ministries and businesses.  We both clearly see the hand of God in our lives, we just can’t figure out where He is currently headed.

And out of my mouth came these words “God is at His best when we don’t understand what He is doing”. Interestingly we both recognized these words as a “God Intersection” and both commented that we would need to ponder it further.

But the Intersection didn’t end then.  Two hours later I was having coffee with Kris Schneider, a fellow Forum member. Kris has spent the last 5 years of his life working on something so unbelievable that only God could conceive it (and Kris recognizes God did conceive it).  Kris has developed a comprehensive business plan to build a reusable suborbital space vehicle to be used in “for profit” space  travel.  The problem for Kris is that in his latest God Intersection, a presentation at Nasa Ames to a group of Venture Capital folks, he was pretty much thoroughly shot down.  Kris’ pain was “I don’t understand why God allowed that failure as I know He called me to this endeavor”.  I laughed (yep I’m not the best company to be around when you are in pain) and told him I had a thought for him.  And I said “God is at His best when you don’t understand what He is doing”.

So here’s my Current Best Thinking.  When we finally decide to stop all the charades of who is best suited for managing the outcomes of our life and simply let “God Drive”, life gets very interesting.  Interesting in the sense that we often have this yucky feeling that things are not going to turn out the way we want and that would be correct, things won’t.  The flash point is when we have the courage to ask “Do we really believe God can manage the outcome of my life more effectively than I can?”   If we can answer that question with a believing “YES” , the journey starts.  How well we sleep depends on how much we truly believe God Loves Us.   As our understanding of His Love for Us expands, we become progressively more free to just DO OUR PART and see how it turns out.

That freedom from worry takes us back to “God is at His best when we don’t understand what He is doing”. Why?  Because if we are not concerned with how it turns out then we are FREE FROM THE NEED TO  UNDERSTAND.  And freedom from the need to understand God’s plan means we can simply do our daily part (the activities)  and WATCH GOD ACT.  And give Him all the glory when He does act.  By the way, my life is sooooo much easier since I gave up having to understand things and manage each event to “Mark’s Desired Outcomes”.

I look forward to your thoughts,



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