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Let Your Pain Power Your Passion | God Intersections

In last week’s blog I talked about Embracing Your Pain (godintersections.com/archives/303#more-303), why it works and the benefits of doing it.  The primary benefit of Embracing Your Pain is freedom.  Freedom from from the fear of our pain and freedom to make the loving choice.   Making the loving choice allows us to invite God into our relationships and situations.  And where God is there is joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control .   Not a bad place to be.


Well since we are now free, we no longer need to waste a bunch of time managing the painful parts of our life.  We are now free to pursue other more productive pursuits.  But what?  I would suggest Pursuing Our Passion!

So what is YOUR passion? Never thought about it……now’s a great time to start.  What fires you up?  What is it that you can’t help but talk about and work on?  Still blank? Start more simply.  What do you love to do or simply like to do a lot?  What was the last thing you can remember doing that fired you up?  Still blank?  Then pick something you might, kind of like and WRITE IT DOWN.  Then invest in it, work it, serve it.  And as you do you will find God molding it toward His purposes and your passion.  BTW, my passion is all about helping people TRUST GOD with their lives and businesses (but it took almost a year for God to mold my passion to this).

Now back to the pain we are now free from.  About 3 weeks ago I wrote a blog on Corrosive Competition (http://godintersections.com/archives/283#more-283).  In that blog I talked about Dr. Wess Stafford’s book “Too Small to Ignore”.  At Willow Creek’s Leadership Conference last month (www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/2009/) I heard Dr. Stafford speak about his life as the child of African Missionaries.  His childhood story is an incredible tale of pain, abuse, guilt and shame.  All of these and more were inflicted on Wess at the African Missionary School he spent many years attending (for the details read the book).   As Wess personally told parts of his terrible tale you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium.  We were all aghast.  And then the Spirit of the Living God spoke to my heart and said “Let Your Pain Power Your Passion”.

For a minute I didn’t understand.  But as Wess kept speaking it became clear.  Rather than let all the pain and abuse destroy him, Wess decided to embrace the pain of the abuse (it took a bunch of years for God to take him through it).  And as Wess embraced his pain FREEDOM came. And with that FREEDOM, Wess looked around and found the tremendous passion he had for the children of the world.  The ensuing journey took him to becoming  CEO of Compassion International (www.compassion.com) and changing the lives of millions of children.

But none of this story happens if Wess doesn’t embraced his pain AND then let that embraced Pain Power His Passion.

So embrace the pain in your life, identify your passion and then USE THE PAIN to power the passion God has placed in your heart.



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