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God’s Multiplication in my Business | God Intersections

As many of you know, I started a business last year to help business owners trust God with their businesses and lives. The idea is to facilitate small groups of business owners to encourage one another, build authentic relationships and improve our bottom line(s). We call these groups Leadership Productivity Forum’s (LPF).

In the early days of LPF God made it clear (yes God talks to me, mostly through my thoughts) that my primary goal is to SERVE the business owners He Intersects me with. He set out several additional guidelines. They included:

  1. Serve First
  2. Relationships are more important than profit
  3. No Sales Calls with the intent of “closing the sale”
  4. God would tell me when I could charge for my services
  5. Look for His Intersections daily

It wasn’t until almost a year into this Grand Adventure that the God Intersection idea crystallized and started to gain a voice. I currently have three active LPF groups. One of them is a Nano Business Forum for Sole Proprietors. I serve these members monthly and they pay me whatever they can afford each month. I have the privilege of sowing into their lives.

About a month ago two of my Intersections, upon learning of my fee policy for the Nano Business Forum, commented on how “un-business like” this was and “how could I ever expect to make a living if I gave my services away”. For some reason these statements stuck in my head. They bothered me more than they should have and I found myself thinking about it a lot.

A couple of weeks after this comment “stuck” in my head, God showed up on a morning bicycle ride and created an interesting thought. The thought said “I can only multiply seed that you sow” (no kidding God). I’ve learned to be wary of obvious God statements so I simply said “I know that God”. His next thought was “I will bless all that you put your hands to but I will only multiply seed that you sow”. And then I saw it. I was sowing into my Nano Business Forum and that was seed. God promises to multiply that seed. In my other Forum’s (the ones for which I charge a regular fees) I could expect His blessing but NOT His multiplication!

So my question is “Why is it so hard for us to just sow from our businesses? To sow with the knowledge that this is God’s heart. To sow for Him and not because of the return it produces. I know, I know, business is about “making money”, providing services/products and receiving payments (the old Quid Pro Quo” line). But what if we purposefully set aside a piece of our business to simply sow into the Intersections God creates for us? What would be produced as God multiplied that seed? What could we do with that overflow? Interesting……

Think well, expand your view of God and find your purpose!

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