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Finding God’s Rhythm for Our Lives | God Intersections

Does the term “God’s Rhythm for our Lives” speak to you? Have you ever experienced that state in your life and/or business where you seem to be “in sync with the universe”? This idea of “God’s Rhythm” in my life has been percolating in me for several years. And as readers of this blog know, I’ve been pondering the idea of releasing control of my life to God for the last year or so. Interesting how long it takes to “get a voice” for what God is teaching us.

I was in church this morning listening to my Pastor (Terry Crist) speak on “Life is a Circus and I’m hanging out with Trapeze Artists” (http://mesa.cityofgrace.com). He was speaking on the dynamics of relationships and relating them to the principles of successful Trapeze Artists. One of his points was the need to “Discern the Timing” in building strong relationships. He recommended we stop trying to fix others and simply love them while letting God’s timing and His love change them.

And then “ding” the Spirit of God showed up and tied it all together. Here is my Current Best Thinking. Anytime we try to change another person we are, in reality, simply trying to control them. Sure we usually couch it in some kind of “this is for your own good” language but the truth is we desire different behavior from them and attempt to change them to obtain those behaviors. Well in this last year God has made it clear to me that I’m to “Give Control” of my life to Him. And that means that my feeble attempts to change people fall into this “Give Control” bucket. The epiphany of the moment was that when I release my “change and control” behaviors to God I get to stop concerning myself with the result and this opens my life to the rhythms of God’s timing. And God’s timing is where life, love, joy, peace etc. flow unabated.

So let me encourage you to:

  1. Stop trying to change those around you
  2. Turn over control of the outcomes of your life and business to God
  3. Look for God’s Rhythms in your life
  4. Respond to those Rhythms by loving the Intersections they create
  5. Relax and enjoy life in God and being loved by Him.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve experience His Rhythm’s in your life.

Until God’s next idea shows up, relax and enjoy.

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