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Thriving in the “New Economy” | God Intersections

All of us have experienced some degree of difficulty and uncertainty in the “Great Recession” of the  last 18 months or so.  Some substantially more than others.  Questions remain unanswered:

  1. Will it ever go back to the old days?  If so when?
  2. How do I manage my way through this new world?
  3. How do I manage the pain of all this uncertainty?

As I prepared for my October Leadership Productivity Forum’s my thinking centered around this economic “reset” that has occurred (the Great Recession).  I realized that we were not going back to the old economy (thank you for that insight Lord).  The last 20 years have been the greatest two decades of prosperity in history and we aren’t going back to them.  So the obvious question is “now what God?”.    How do we prosper in this “New Economy”.

The answer came during my Entrepreneur’s Forum in October.  This monthly Forum is for Sole Proprietors who are seeking to improve their businesses while further Trusting God.  Toward the end of the three hours a Forum Member, Mike Lucero (www.ipainthomes.com), asked the the group “so how do we prosper in these times?”.  For the next ten minutes or so the Forum discussed ideas around this question.  As I listened and facilitated the conversation the answer simply materialized in my head (thank you Lord).  Interestingly,  the answer was an amalgamation of everyone’s input set to words by my thoughts.  Isn’t that just like God to use a little bit from all of us!

So God’s answer to the question “How do we thrive in this New Economy?” contains four parts.

  1. Relationships – develop and nurture them.
  2. Community – form Communities with your Relationships.
  3. Value – ascertain the Value you can provide to the Community.
  4. Serve – the Community without regard to what the Community can do for you.

Relationships - this is a pretty straightforward concept.  We all know the importance of relationships to our businesses.   BUT do we make the development  and nurturing of these relationships (existing and new) a priority in our daily work-life.  Realtionships are no longer  just about finding the next customer.   They are about something much bigger in this New Economy – Community.

Community – is the aggregation of our relationships around a common cause, interest, product or passion.  In our work-life the Communities we form will revolve around passion for product or service or a cause they serve.  These Communities will consist of customers, vendors, employees, shareholders, community activitists etc.  Anyone wanting to share life around a passion or interest.  Our job as Business Owners in the New Economy is to expand our Relationships and connect them together into Communities.  And then use the Community to further all of our common interests.  As a footnote web-based social networking tools are an ideal way to connect our Relationships into Community.  More on that later.

Value - our third priority, after building Relationships and Community, is to identify the Value we want to provide the Community.  This Value can change over time depending on the economy, our interests and direction from God.  In the past this Value was the majority of what we focused on as Business Owners.  In the New Economy it will be a lower priority than building Relationships and Community.

Serve - the Community without concern for what you can take from the Community.  Relationships are all about shared experience.  If that experience is centered around what the Relationships and Community can do FOR US, then the Community will collapse under the weight of being self serving.  If we will simply Serve the Community the Law of Sowing and Reaping will take over and provide for our needs.

So God Intersection readers, ponder these points and begin to rearrange our work days to focus much more on Relationships and Community than money and ROI.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Mark Miller


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