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Moving from Man’s Economy to God’s Economy | God Intersections

As this idea of Prospering in the New Economy has evolved, I’ve been pondering how God will use these concepts for His purposes and our Provision.  And, of course, as I journey this path, God provides the answers right on time.  In this case part of the answer came in the form of an article by Chuck Bentley, CEO Crown Ministries (www.crown.org).  In the October issue of MoneyMatters Chuck wrote about “The Security you seek is in God’s Economy”.  As I read Chuck’s article a God-Idea formed in my head regarding the basis of Man’s (or the World’s) Economy and God’s Economy.

The World’s Economy and God’s Economy work on completely different concepts and processes.  From a conceptual standpoint the values that drive the World’s Economy are Make Money, Me First and Trust No One.  The values that drive God’s Economy reflect God, of course.  Those values are Lordship which I call Servant Leadership, Stewardship and Generosity.  To operate in God’s Economy we must be true to His values.  When we choose to operate our lives/businesses in God’s Economy we are making Him the Owner of our lives and businesses.  As the Owner He is obligated to provide for His Stewards (that would be us).  In this economy having God provide for us is a great thing.

But what about the process around how we operate in the two economies.  Well they are also different (imagine that).  The World’s Economy operates on a 3 step process:

  1. Value – identify and develop the Value you wish to provide to the Marketplace.
  2. Relationship – identify Relationships that need/want your Value.
  3. Money – match your Value to the Relationship producing money

God’s Economy works on a 4 step process:

  1. Relationship – develop and expand your Relationships by serving them.
  2. Community – build a Community around something you are passionate about and invite your Relationships to join.
  3. Value –identify the Value you can provide to your Community
  4. Serve – that Value to the Community.

Notice we don’t talk about money.  In God’s Economy I call it Provision.  God’s Provision will be created by using this process while operating in God’s Economy.
So in these challenging times let me encourage you to do four things:

  1. Choose God’s Economy.
  2. Operate according to His Values (Lordship, Stewardship and Generosity)
  3. Build your lives around His 4 step process (Relationship, Community, Value and Service)
  4. Watch God’s provision and purpose be accomplished.

Think differently and find God’s purpose and provision.

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