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So I’ve Been Laid Off, Now What? | God Intersections

In my last blog I talked about choosing to operate our lives and businesses in God’s Economy. All great stuff until something really difficult hits us forcing us to decide what we REALLY believe.

Well guess what, that something hit the Miller household this last couple of weeks. My wife was laid off. This severed half of our income and all of our health benefits (drat!). And in an instant I was given the opportunity to practice all this stuff I talk about (or should I say preach).

Well after the initial shock wore off (it took about 72 hours) we mustered the courage to talk about my wife finding another job. Over the next week (#1) I found myself subtly encouraging (she would say pressuring) my wife to “get on with this job search thing”. You can only imagine what happened to the stress level in my house! Not being a complete idiot, I asked God about what was occurring. And at the end of week #2 God showed up one morning with a very simple question (I’ve found His questions are always simple). He asked me “Whose responsibility is it to provide for your family?”. I instantly understood that it was my and not my wife’s responsibility to provide for this family. I told God as much and His final comment (our conversations are ALWAYS short and sweet) was “So why don’t you and I handle this provision thing and release your wife to what I have for her?”. Well obedience is better than sacrifice so I simply said “yes Lord”. I then apologized to my wife for my selfishness (she was quite relieved) and we simply continued our journey albeit in a much more supportive environment.

As only God could arrange, the following week (#3) was my Forum week. I conducted three Leadership Productivity Forum’s during which I imparted my Current Best Thinking on God’s Economy and the Values and Processes involved in living in His economy (Thriving in the New Economy). God, as usual, showed up and suggested I simply follow His Intersections and His Process (Relationship, Community, Value and Serve) and see what happens. In other words do my part and let the Owner (God) handle the provision part.

In practical terms this means both of us are focused on developing and investing in the Community’s God has put us in. For me that Community is centered around Trusting God. My wife is spending time defining her passion and what her Community is about. In the mean time she is following all logical God Intersections.

And the saga continues. We still don’t have any benefits or enough income or a job for my wife. I’m not even sure she is supposed to find a job. What I do know is that I’m getting a real time opportunity to live this Trusting God stuff at a whole new level, AGAIN! The other things I know is there is a much greater feeling of peace and harmony around the Miller house and that’s always a good thing, particularly around the holidays.

So change your thinking and find God and his purposes and provision. Stay tuned for how this phase of our journey turns out and thanks for participating in this Community.

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2 Responses to “So I’ve Been Laid Off, Now What?”

  1. Mike L. says:


    Sorry to learn of your current conditions. It seems that when one begins to listen to the inner voice of God, not to mention blogging about it, that a real life rubber-meets-the road test is just around the corner or in your case… right in your living room.

    God is faithful! He is just giving you a chance to experience His attention to the details in your life! Then you will get to blog about it ;)

    We are standing with you and your family! Our thoughts and prayers are continually with you. What kind of position did Glenda (you wife) have and what type of position is she interested in?

    One thing that I am certain of is that your family is NOT ALONE in your circumstances. When the Worlds Economic Foundations were shaken, so were many of the lives of believers world-wide.

    I agree that God’s provisions generally come through the person-to-person intersections that he allows in our lives. You call them God-Intersections. I know them as opportunities to grow, know God and share by example his over abundant provisions.

    I am excited to stand with you and watch just how God continues to work His goodness in your business and personal life.

    Keep smiling, because God knows exactly where you are at and already has ordered your ideal solutions!

    In Service!

    Mike L.

  2. admin says:

    You are a great friend. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words.

    Glenda is looking for a Controller/Accounting position while checking her God Intersections.

    Talk to you soon.


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