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Christmas, Life and Community | God Intersections

Well it’s the day after Christmas and all is very quiet around the Miller household. The ladies are shopping, the young men are sleeping and I’m writing. It has been weeks since my last blog. I’ve been kind of blocked and probably lazy.
This week has been interesting and I’m glad to see it behind us:

  1. Sunday we started battling the flu as a family
  2. Tuesday I threw out my back (the pain was worse than any I have ever experienced)
  3. Friday (Christmas) was coming without enough money
  4. I wasn’t feeling much “Joy for the Jesus Season”.

As I lay awake around 4:00 AM Wednesday morning I realized that body, soul and spirit were not in good shape.  My desperate prayers lay largely unanswered, my worries about money and my health grew by the minute (we have no health insurance) and 2009 had not turned out as I had envisioned.   Isn’t it funny how the dark of the night magnifies all of our fears (now there’s an immutable law).

And so a choice had to be made.

  1. Did this Trust God thing work or NOT?
  2. Was I really willing to let God determine the outcome of my life?
  3. What about what I wanted??
  4. Why wouldn’t the pain in my back go away (God heals right?)?

I have grown to embrace those moments as opposed to fear them (that’s new in the last 2 years). I realized this was either a moment to grow or a moment to shrink back. Glenda and I experienced a whole new “turn of the wheel” about Trusting God in this last two month but this was hard!

And so I swallowed hard, gritted my teeth and told God I was pressing on, no matter the pain, sickness or lack AND He needed to do something (preferably NOW). And then………….nothing. Nothing changed, no healing, no cool visions, no supernatural words, just my pain and my wife’s regular breathing. Great, this was going well. Interestingly I did fall asleep for about 90 minutes for the first time that night.

The next morning I had to figure out what “my part” would be for that day (if I want God to do His part I have to do my part). Did I call a doctor, chiropractor, PT, 911 or what? What about the money part? What about the anxiety part? Etc. I decided to reach out to this God Intersection community for help. I called Steve Carling a Physical Therapist member of mine (carlingphysicaltherapy.com). Steve assured me he “could save my Christmas” if I could drag myself into his office. He (and God) did. My back is a thousand times better. We called a nurse friend of ours about meds and the flu stuff. We are recovering nicely. Thursday Glenda received a call for a third interview at a local CPA firm and was offered the job (full time with benefits). And Thursday night I found myself at City of Grace (www.cityofgrace.com ) for a Christmas Eve service followed by an evening shared with dear friends. [Notice how the Community we have formed supported us through all of this and I’m not listing all of the offers of support from the rest of you]. Christmas (Friday) was spent quietly with my immediate family, foster son (Frankie), a couple of movies and a great meal.

That brings us to today. As I reflect on perhaps the most difficult week of my life I am struck by how quickly it can all change for the better. I’ve learned a couple of things:

  1. Don’t fear the most difficult moments.  Embrace them and Trust God.
  2. Lean on your Community for support.  Reach out and ASK THEM to help.
  3. Relax (to the best of your ability) and enjoy the moment(s).

I hope your Christmas was as peace filled and learning filled as mine!

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2 Responses to “Christmas, Life and Community”

  1. Juli Vermillion says:

    Hi Mark–

    Glad to hear it all is working out. I will keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers–knowing only the highest vision of Spirit for your lives.


  2. Mike L. says:

    We have all heard the quote / question; if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound. Trust, faith… whatever you want to call it is much the same.

    If you have never really needed to trust God… Do you really trust Him?

    Life’s challenges always provide us with the opportunity to learn to trust God more! While these challenges are not pleasant to experience, lets not begrudge them, for during every one of these challenges we have the privilege of seeing and getting to understand the character of God as he operates in our life.

    Smiles ~

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