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Becoming “A Light on the Hill” | God Intersections

As I pondered my learnings from 2009 I realized what a rich year it was. God imparted more things to me during 2009 than any previous time I can remember. Things like:

  1. Truth does not need to be defended – God can handle it. My job is to simply love people where they are
  2. God is the Owner, I am the steward of my life and business. Leave the results up to Him and simply do my part
  3. God, as the Owner, will guide my life if I will simply follow the God Intersections
  4. Move our businesses into God’s Economy
  5. Build a Community, it is the new foundation for significance.

The synthesis of these ideas is the concept of moving our lives and businesses to a place where they best represent God and His values. In other words, becoming a “Light on the Hill” for those around us (Matt. 5:14).

I now see that consistently representing Core Values aligned with God is the single most important thing I can do to become “A Light on the Hill”. That used to sound crazy. I used to think that results were the most important thing or hard work or reading God’s Word or multiplying myself. Now I see that when I consistently represent God via my Core Values I AM being “A Light on the Hill”.

So what are Core Values anyway? They are the most important characteristics we demonstrate as seen by other folks in our lives. The core of who we are. They are NOT what we want to be or think we are. Only what other people actually see matters. For Mark Miller (me) they are:

  1. Serve Others
  2. Trust God for the results
  3. Listen without an agenda
  4. Encourage others
  5. Authentic always
  6. Share Our Stories

What are yours? Do you know? Have your written them down? Can you tell someone easily?

So let me encourage you to an assignment.

  1. Take 10 minutes and WRITE DOWN your Core Values
  2. Take your list and ask 3 family, friends or customers to make a list of what THEY SEE as your Core Values (don’t show them your list)
  3. Have a discussion around the differences between the lists

Let me know how it goes!

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