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So you want to be Transformed! | God Intersections

Transforming our lives into it’s best possible version is of great interest to many of us.  We are tired of the same old life, same old pain, same old results.

The million dollar question is “How does transformation happen”?  What is our role in the process?  What is God’s role in the process?

And so we begin (again?).  We search for new knowledge that will jump start the process.  We read books, go to seminars, listen to sermons, pray, read God’s word, serve when we can etc.  We do all this for the purpose, perhaps unspoken, of becoming a better version of ourselves and Jesus Christ.  And after we do all this we find we are incrementally different which we don’t mind but it seemed like a lot of work for such little change.

Over the past 18 month’s God has unpacked a process for me and a group of folks I hang out with that is proving to be a VERY effective way to be transformed.  The process is not about more knowledge, different feelings or changing beliefs.  It is about actually doing something.

The entire process is predicated on participating in small groups of people that are 100% encouraging (to a specific action) and 100% affirming (of a strength seen in you).  With this foundation the process itself is pretty straight forward.

  1. Determine a Vision for your life, business or area of focus
  2. Pick out one significant Goal that will get you a step closer to that Vision
  3. Identify a couple of Activities that will move you to the Goal
  4. Complete the Activity(s) over a specific period of time
  5. Get together in your small, encouraging, affirming group and tell the story of the Activity(s) you completed (whether successful or not).

When you complete these 5 steps in your small group you will be surprised how you AND the members of the group have moved the transformational process forward (it takes time).  I can’t explain why it happens and I’m certainly not suggesting it is the only way to be transformed but it does work.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Keep the small group less than 12 members
  2. Meet at least monthly
  3. Determine the Core Values of the group at your first meeting (the ground rules)
  4. Write down your Vision, Goal and Activities (individually)
  5. When sharing the stories share the specifics of the story not just what was learned
  6. When done sharing ask for encouraging and affirming feedback
  7. Be patient.  Our Current Best Thinking is that this is a 3+ year process.

So give it a wing.  Start a group or try it  in an existing group and let me know how it goes.  It is working great in my life.

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One Response to “So you want to be Transformed!”

  1. Mike L. says:

    The word Transformation may imply “change in the future.” This is generally because of our dis-satisfaction with our current condition or circumstances. However if we had the eyes to see an overall view of our lives, it would become clear that “Transformation” is a NOW and constant activity being orchestrated by our Creator… according to his purpose for our lives.

    Regardless of the circumstances you are facing today, do not begrudge where you are standing. Your God [Creator} knows exactly where you are at. Recently someone reminded me that without the “Test” there can be no “Testimony.”

    I end this comment with a simple question! Where is your focus during the challenge that you are facing today? Make no mistake, the challenge is REAL, and you are right smack in the middle of it… Keep you focus on anything but your circumstances because God is in control of those!

    Peace in God

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