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Why is this Stewardship Thing so Hard??? | God Intersections

This has been an amazing week of God Intersections for me.  My normal “vital activity” every week is to meet with three God Intersections.  The purpose of those meetings is to simply hear where folks are at (everyone has a story), model what God is doing in my life and find out how I can help.  This week I’ve had over 15 intersections (a record) all around a fairly common theme.  That theme is “my business (or life) is NOT working very well”.

As I pause on this Friday afternoon to glean the learnings from all these Intersections (I asked God) several themes came to mind.

  1. Most of us are aware that our lives and businesses are not going near as well as we would like
  2. We have no idea what to change in our lives to improve this situation
  3. I consistently see confusion with folks about the role of Steward of our lives versus Owner
  4. This confusion causes us to spend much time doing Owner activities that are far more effectively left to God
  5. The wasted time is keeping us from “doing our part” so God can do His part.

To elaborate just a tad, saying “that we are NOT the Owner of our life” is much easier than doing we are not the Owner of our life”.  Learning to let God do the Owner role in our life involves several things:

  1. Awareness that we can and need to do this
  2. Courage to begin to let go of controlling the outcome
  3. Understanding that this is a journey that will take some time
  4. Folks in our lives to encourage and support us on the journey.

Interestingly these are some of the Steps of Transformation God has unpacked for us the last couple of years.

The big loss here is in the time we spend acting like an Owner instead of using that time to become the best Steward possible of our lives.  Examples:

  1. We spend time worrying about where the money will come from this month instead of simply DOING what we can to create value ultimately producing money
  2. We spend time beating ourselves up for being a loser in our chosen profession because we are not seeing the results we want rather than simply doing the Vital Activities and letting God handle the results
  3. We spend time pounding the folks that work and live with us to do what we want rather than loving and encouraging them to do the best they can.

Doing all of these Owner activities robs us of several precious things:

  1. Time to be more effective Stewards resulting in increased harvest
  2. Joy by not simply enjoying the moment instead having to freak out about the potential outcome
  3. Peace of knowing God has the outcome and we can simply rest in “doing our part” every day.

So let me encourage you to join me on this journey toward being the best Steward we can be while letting God handle the “Owner responsibilities”.  If I can encourage and support you on this journey just let me know.

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