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Do YOU need help? | God Intersections

That’s the question of the day.  Do YOU need help? If so when and from whom and for what kind of things?  As I’ve pondered lately this question seems to be at the heart of the man and God question.  Most folks I talk to believe in God.  But do you believe in a God that actually helps you?  Do you believe in a God that cares about you?  Do you believe in a God that actually shows up in your life?

Our culture is designed to convince us that we can do life without God.  Oh we believe we need help sometimes when life gets real hard but only from a few people.  And when we do accept help that is less than the ideal situation and a sign of weakness.  We are better off being strong enough to not need anyone.  We can choose to help others, that’s a good thing.  As long as we are not the one asking for the help.  If someone notices our need we might be authentic enough to let them help us, but that is a fallback position.  So suck it up and BE STRONG!

And that is on the life side.  What about the marketplace side, the side where we work.  I have this discussion regularly with business owners.  Do they need help?  From God?  Does God care about their business?  What would His involvement look like? In most cases the answer is “I’ve never really thought about it but I’m fine”.  So let’s think about it.

Personally, I need help!  There, I said it.  I need help for my business and my relationships and my finances.  I have a great family and have always had help from them and others in my life.  And that is good.  But mostly I need God’s help. Help to show up when I can’t impact a situation or don’t know what to do or don’t have the strength to carry on or am angry and embittered by life.  I’m actually a pretty competent guy and can handle most things.  But these hard things, trying to handle them on my own, I tried that and all it did was grind me up.  And I’m done being ground up by life.  I’m committed to living “My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (matt 11:30).  And that commitment has led me to an awesome life.  A life of letting God handle the outcome, I handle the details and my hollering out “I need You” when things get tough.

Like last night around 11:00 PM when my college age daughter called with an ear ache that hurt so bad it brought her to tears.  And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it as she was 2,000 miles away.  How cool is it that I could give her the best advice I possible could (ie. take some meds, clear your sinus’ with warm salt water etc.) AND then ask the living God to be true to His word and take away the pain, allow her to sleep and cure her symptoms.  And guess what, when I talked to her about 11:00 AM this morning the pain was gone, she had slept well and her symptoms, while not completely gone, were abating.

So let’s just admit we need help, ask God to help and lead, do our part and start the journey to the life we are all looking for.  A life of peace and joy and contentment knowing that we are on a journey for God.

Have a great Easter!

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