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Communities of Hope | God Intersections

Interesting times we live in.  My wife was laid off again this past month.  My business just experienced its first slow down.  The bills march on and God is still challenging me to trust Him.  Interesting!

Heh, the good news is it only took Glenda and me about 48 hours to work our way through the shock of another lay off.  The first 24 hours was tough, the second a little easier and now we are back to “seeing what God will do”.  And God continues to provide.

Our conversations over this last period have been many and pretty rich stuff.  We talked about how the uncertainty of these economic times makes us feel individually and as a couple, how it shakes our confidence in ourselves, how it causes us to doubt what has always worked in our lives and how it ultimately produces fear in our lives.  We also talked about how tired we are of companies steeped in fear that simply don’t seem to care about their employees and can’t see outside of their world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe place to receive affirmation and encouragement in these difficult times.

So we are going to actually do something (in addition to writing blogsJ).  We are going to invite you to a conversation.  A conversation about what is going on in your life and business and family.  A conversation both virtually via GodIntersections.com Forums and monthly via lunch discussions in the Phoenix East Valley area (yep face to face).  The ground rules will be very simple.  You can post or ask any question or make any comment as long as they fit within the following ground rules to the best of your ability:

  1. You are trusting God for the results
  2. You are being as Authentic as possible
  3. You listen to others without an agenda for them
  4. You are encouraging to others
  5. You Share Your Stories not your opinions
  6. You make it about serving others and not about you.

If you can answer “I am to the best of my ability” than please start or join a conversation.  The GodIntersections.com Forum you want to post to or comment on is called “Communities of Hope”.  Click the “Register” button under “Login” and I will send you a password.  Additionally we are holding our first lunch on Wednesday May 26, 2010 from 11:30-1:30.  If you are interested in attending email me at mark.miller@godintersections.com and I will send you the details.  The format will be:

  1. Sharing our stories
  2. One good idea and one affirmation from each of us per story
  3. Eat a little while we are doing this.

So join us as we love one another back to life!

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