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Finding the End of Ourselves | God Intersections

What an interesting journey this Trusting God is!!!!  It has been over two years since God asked me “Will you trust Me?”.  I suspected the journey would be difficult and in some sense I was right.  But not in the way I thought.  The hardest part in working with people on this journey is helping them “Find the End of Themselves”.

My Current Best Thinking is Trusting God starts at the end of ourselves.  Now I’ve heard that before but I had no practical idea what it meant.  God is teaching me.  The end of ourselves is the point when we determine we cannot OR will not do it on our own.  What does “not doing it on our own” look like?  It looks like moving to a place in our lives where we realize we simply can’t go on like this.  Where we realize we don’t really control the results anyway.

For most I coach it looks like deciding to quit.  For some it is simply being too tired to go on.  For some it is when life hurts too much to go on.  However we get to the point of almost hopelessness, we get there.  And then we decide SOMETHING in our life needs to change!

Ah, the moment of TRUTH!  If we are God disposed we might consider including Him.  But most of the time we simply do not know what to do.  If we stop now, without including God, we find some way to self-medicate (glass screens, recreational drugs, anger etc.) or we crawl up in a little ball, build thick walls and simply go through the motions of life.  Not a fun place.

BUT if we can find the strength to consider God, the Trust Journey is born.  And it gets harder before it gets easier.  Harder because we are now in a place of learning to let God lead, hear His prompting, find His rhythm.  And our Self fights this like crazy. Many times that means simply starting some activity that might help us to a goal.  And engaging God while we walk.  For me it is making contacts with people I have met to see how I might help.  And while you are doing the activity open yourselves to God’s presence.  And have the courage to NOT take charge again when you sense nothing.

Don’t give up. I have experienced this many times.  If you will refuse to lead, refuse to do it on your own, refuse the rat race, a Still Small Voice or God Thought or God Idea or God Intersection will show up and you have now truly started on the journey to Trusting God.  Follow it!

Let me know how I can help.  A great book to assist is “True Faced” by Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall and John Lynch.  You can find it at www.truefaced.com.  Enjoy the journey.  The farther you travel the easier it gets.

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