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What do you do when the fear gets too bad? | God Intersections

In these challenging times fear is something we deal with regularly. Fear that we won’t pay the bills, fear that we might get sick, fear difficult things will happen to our loved ones, fear that we won’t get that new deal we are working on, etc. Fear, of course, causes pain particularly as it worsens. And I’m talking to lots of people these days whose fear and pain are causing their everyday lives to be very challenging.

What is interesting is the different ways I see people dealing with fear. They include:

  1. Ignore it. Pretend everything is normal or soon will be and NEVER talk about it.
  2. Blame it on someone else. In my world this usually involves blaming our president or congress or the illegal immigrants or someone else. This diverts our attention.
  3. Build a thick wall around ourselves. This usually involves hiding from our true self and others, disconnecting from intimacy and meaningful conversations and largely insulating ourselves from life.
  4. Working double hard to make something happen. We put our head down and work a bunch of hours on whatever the problem is. It might be sending out 100 resumes or making 100 cold calls or spending a lot of time worrying about our life. Essentially we believe that the solution will arrive if we only work hard enough.
  5. Inviting God into our fear and looking for His solutions.

Only number five truly helps.

One of the many difficulties of inviting God to these challenging times is dealing with the question of suffering. If God loves me so much then why would He make me go through this? I don’t belief God caused any of this. I believe we caused this with our self centered ways and God offers us an amazing road out.

So I want to encourage you to spend some time with option 5, inviting God into your fear. The neat thing about God is that He can be found IN OUR FEAR, if we will look (actually God can be found in all our suffering if we allow Him). I call it Embracing Our Fear. And when we Embrace Our Fear, we find God’s comfort and His love and the realization that He WILL take care of us. Perhaps not the way we want to be cared for (ie. money or physical comfort or stability) but in a far more valuable way. The way that shows us His love for us is more than enough and following His Intersections brings peace and joy.

So invite God into your fear and follow the Intersection He creates in your lives.

Which is why I am headed to Louisville Kentucky this week to spend some time with new friends Conway Stone, author and professional speaker (www.dreamhigh.com) and Bruce Zoeller of The Christian Advantage. The Intersections led that way and as God really does own this GodIntersections thing I decided to go. So I will simply show up in Louisville and see how I can serve, what I can learn and what God might have in store. And then I will rest in His love for me and look for the next thing to do (remember God does His part and I do my part).

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