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How does God break into your business world? | God Intersections

God in business.  These three words did not used to go together, at least not in my life.  I used to believe that it was my job to be successful in the business world and then figure out how to apply that success to one of God’s ministries (preferably by giving money).  Financial success first, God success second.  Using a car analogy, I wanted to drive the car called my life to the point I had accomplished a given amount of success and then I would consider letting God drive.

I now believe that He wants to drive in all areas of my life.  But I have found implementing that thought  to be very challenging.  I keep finding myself doing the driving and then looking around to see where God is in the process.  The looking around for God usually occurs when things are not going according to my plan.  So the question becomes how do I let God break into my world on a regular basis?  I have identified several components that work for me:

  1. Learning to live loved by God.  A critical component of letting God drive is learning that we can trust Him with our businesses.  That requires learning how much HE LOVES ME.  Not the other way around.  (A great book on that topic is “He Loves Me” by Wayne Jacobsen)
  2. Doing my part every day.  I get up every day and work diligently
  3. Look for the God Intersections.  When I see an unusual event, person or circumstance I write it down (I currently have 15 of them working in my business)
  4. I spend time THINKING about what Intersections I want to pursue along with my regular activities
  5. And then I take one action on the chosen Intersections
  6. I am thankful for whatever each day brings and do my best to either enjoy the moment OR if I absolutely can’t enjoy the moment then keep my mouth shut.  I find most of the folks in my community need my insight and encouragement a lot more than my whining and criticism.

So that is my approach to letting God break into my business or put another way, letting Him drive.  It is in letting Him drive that we give control to Him and find peace, which paradoxically allows us to calmly be in control.  Pretty cool huh?

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