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Finding God's Blessings | God Intersections

One of the great joys of what I do (following the God Intersections like Mr. McGoo offering to help business people) is that I get to meet many very cool people thus creating opportunities for God to show up and share His truth.

One of those Intersections was last week when I spent a couple of hours with a new client (Andrew Pinch of www.dandlpress.com ) for our first coaching session.  Andrew was sharing his goals, challenges and vision for the future, basic questions I discuss with all of my clients, when God showed up (or more specifically a God Idea showed up).  We were talking about the reason Andrew’s grandfather had started D & L Press 50 years ago and how the consistent application of that purpose had produced the company that stands today (they grew 80% last year).

I found myself saying The blessings of God ALWAYS follow the consistent application of God’s heart in our businesses”. As soon as the words left my mouth I knew they from Him and told Andrew so.  We discussed the statement for a minute agreeing it was a God Idea and moved on to finish our session.

But I have been pondering and sharing that statement for over a week.  What does it mean to “consistently apply God’s heart in our businesses”?  I believe it means to build a company culture that represents God’s heart and values and to “DO” that culture EVERY DAY.  Company cultures that represent God’s heart have a Purpose, Vision and Core Values that align with God and His word.  I have found these types of cultures to be truly High Performance Cultures.

But being able to create and talk about your culture is much easier than APPLYING it.  Creating these words in a meaningful way is a process all to itself (it usually takes 6 months to a year with my clients) but applying them is where it really gets challenging.

I have found several keys to success when it comes to applying them:

  1. Discipline yourself to WRITE DOWN your Purpose, Vision and Core Values
  2. Share your values with people EVERY WEEK
  3. Engage a small group of trusted folks to account and encourage you.

The best part is that after 3 years of doing my best I can now see His blessings in my life in a whole new way.  People calling I haven’t heard from in a year saying “you made a huge impact”.  New clients from out of the blue.  Opportunities to speak in places I can’t imagine (looks like I will be headed to Poland in May).  And a deep sense that a purpose bigger than I can see is unfolding.

So take a minute and use your Current Best Thinking to define your culture or PPP (Passion, Principles and Purpose} as my friend Kyle Morgan calls it (www.kylemorgan.me).  Consistently apply your PPP in your business and watch God work.  You will be amazed.

And remember to enjoy the journey!

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