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Running Your Busienss with the Heart of God | God Intersections

My last post discussed how consistently applying the Heart of God IN our business is the key to finding the blessings of God FOR our business.  As I continued pondering this subject, I had an interesting thought.

It is much easier to apply the Heart of God to our customers than to our suppliers and employees and even families. We naturally understand the importance of treating our customers with fairness, respect, kindness, honesty, generosity, supportiveness or however you define God’s heart.  Any experienced business owner will tell you how important it is to treat your customers “right”.

But what about our suppliers and employees?  How important is it to treat them fairly, respectfully, with kindness, honesty, generosity and support?  Do we apply the same standard to customers AND employees and suppliers?  To everyone?

Just what are our obligations to these three constituencies?  The Bible is clear, we are to treat everyone with the same standards.  Not only that, we also have an obligation to pay employees a fair wage and prefer our suppliers.

What, we say, that is impossible!  Particularly in today’s economy.  What about when there is not enough money to go around?  Who gets paid then?  Or when my competition is pricing things so cheaply that I can’t afford to pay a fair wage.  Or I’ll pay my suppliers after I get paid.  Or I’ll have to borrow money to pay my expenses. Or, or, or…..

These decisions all tie back to the central question: Whose Business is it Any Way?  Mine or God’s?

If it is truly God’s business then He is responsible for the results.  We are responsible for our actions.

My Current Best Thinking regarding the effective stewardship of God’s business is that it is a journey.  What is right for this time in our growth as business owners might be different tomorrow.  The goal is to consistently apply the heart of God to the best of our knowledge and ability, while being the best steward possible today.

Let me tell you a story.  I have a client who has owned his business for 22 years.  In the course of those years he has had good times and bad.  He has had an employee steal customers, partners steal money and customers love him.  But he has always consistently applied God’s Heart (using his Current Best Thinking) to his business.  In the last two years he has seen revenue’s drop and competition do some “unfair” things.  But he never wavered in action.  He had doubts and thoughts and we had lots of conversations but he never wavered in ACTIONS regarding God’s heart.  He even took half salary on months when the cash flow was low and employees needed to be paid.  He has paid me rather than take a full salary.

The results, the last 90 days have been the best in over 5 years.  His cash flow has doubled.  He is on track to exceed his 2013 goals in 2011!  He has other companies interested in purchasing his business.

Great story, right?  But I promise you that even without those results, his behavior would not have changed.  If things had continued their decline he would have gracefully and Godly dissolved the business and looked for God’s next Intersection.  He is living God’s blessings.

So be encouraged.  Apply God’s Heart EVERY DAY in your business, do your best and enjoy the journey.  You are on your road to discovering God’s destiny.  It is a great place to live.

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