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Spiritual Touch Stones | God Intersections

As a coach and facilitator I spend much time helping people see life and business differently and in the process growing personally.  There is a danger in my role however.  The danger is getting lulled into thinking I am somehow more knowledgeable, mature, experienced etc.  In other words that “I am ahead of that person”.

While meeting with a friend of mine (Doug Cunningham) Friday for coffee, God showed up and taught me a great Truth (at least a great Truth for me).  The Truth is that growing into the person God has called us to be is simply a matter of experiencing and learning from the Touch Stones God has laid out for us.  The revelation is that IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT ORDER WE TOUCH THEM IN.  In other words I am never a head of or behind any person I work with.  I have experienced different Touch Stones and learned different things and while that is valuable it does not make be better, more mature, more spiritual etc.

The power in this thought lies in being free from the tyranny of linear growth.  We can be Transformed.  We can stop looking at our coaches/mentors/models assuming we can never “achieve” their results.  We can simply glean from their experience and wisdom, joining it with our Touch Stones and rocket into being who God has called and equipped us to be.  Let’s stop spending time trying to get the “order of growth” right and simply experience all we can, learn from those experiences using a God context and Trust God to Transform us as we “do our part”.

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