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Hearing God’s Voice | God Intersections

I was minding my own business nursing a particular injustice this weekend when the God of the Universe showed up and provided this thought “Will you let this situation in your marriage make you more like Jesus or more like the world?”.

And instantly a whole line of thinking appeared.  That’s the way it works for me with God.  I used to think I didn’t hear His voice much. I still don’t actually hear much in the still, quiet places with Him.   Then I learned something big.  Telling God when and how He should speak to us just does not work. When I finally stopped using that approach and let Him teach me I learned some fascinating things about hearing God:

  1. The Prayer of Silence is different than the Prayer of Petition (you know that one – where we tell God what to do:)
  2. The Prayer of Silence is to simply enjoy His company and share with Him how thankful and happy we are to be His (I used to do very little of this type).
  3. Basics of the Prayer of Silence:
    1. Start with Thanksgiving and Gratitude
    2. Spend time Praising Him
    3. Let Him decide when and how to show up – be okay with whatever He decides
    4. Give Him all the Glory for ALL my life
    5. Relax and enjoy Him

Then I noticed something interesting.  I usually get “God Thought’s” as I walk not while I am practicing the Prayer of Silence. Which brings me back to my story.

I am nursing a hurt and a God thought shows up.  I realize this is the question for all of  the challenges in my life.  Will I choose to let them make me more like Jesus (a challenging thing to do particularly in the more personal problems) or more like the world.

I find the more I choose the former the more at peace my life becomes.

Believing God is active in your life!


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