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God Intersection | God Intersections

Cooperative Capitalism 101

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I define Cooperative Capitalism as a free market concept where communities of business owners join complementary businesses, competitors (I know, I know), suppliers, customers and other businesses for the purpose of developing Trust and living shared Core Values while engaging in each other’s success.  In these challenging economic times, Cooperative Capitalism becomes viable because these communities improve the odds of success for all the members by providing experience, knowledge and encouragement to each other.

The basics of Cooperative Capitalistic Communities (I will try and refrain from the “CCC” acronym) include regular participation in a group with a: (more…)

How does God break into your business world?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

God in business.  These three words did not used to go together, at least not in my life.  I used to believe that it was my job to be successful in the business world and then figure out how to apply that success to one of God’s ministries (preferably by giving money).  Financial success first, God success second.  Using a car analogy, I wanted to drive the car called my life to the point I had accomplished a given amount of success and then I would consider letting God drive.


This Idea called Cooperative Capitalism

Monday, August 30th, 2010

For most of 2010 God and I have had a running dialogue regarding how to describe what Godintersections.com and Leadership Productivity Forum’s are actually all about. You all have heard me use phrases like:

  1. Finding your way in challenging times using God Intersections
  2. Learning to Trust God with our businesses
  3. Building God’s Economy businesses
  4. Growing success, finding significance.

All true but somehow a little too confining. Particularly when talking to marketplace folks who are not Christians. This year has been fascinating in terms of the dialogue and God Ideas my Intersections have created. So my Current Best Thinking is that we are all about:

  1. Helping marketplace people find their way in business by involving the living God
  2. Working with business leaders to learn, practice and replicate Cooperative Capitalism in our economy


Becoming “A Light on the Hill”

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

As I pondered my learnings from 2009 I realized what a rich year it was. God imparted more things to me during 2009 than any previous time I can remember. Things like:

  1. Truth does not need to be defended – God can handle it. My job is to simply love people where they are
  2. God is the Owner, I am the steward of my life and business. Leave the results up to Him and simply do my part
  3. God, as the Owner, will guide my life if I will simply follow the God Intersections
  4. Move our businesses into God’s Economy
  5. Build a Community, it is the new foundation for significance.


Church Planting in Europe via God Intersections

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago, I was invited by a Pastor friend, Desmond Frey from Zurich, Switzerland, www.powerhousechurch.ch/ to meet with him and two other pastors to explore church planting in Europe. Europe is in desperate need of The Gospel and developing strong, viable Bible based churches. The most recent statistical research shows that less than 4% of Europe is “saved”.

This Intersection was my first time to meet the other pastors. One was from The Netherlands, Sebastian Van Wessem, www.europeadvance.org/ the other from America, Steve Hickey.

Pastor Hickey, www.churchatthegate.com/ has been involved in church planting in America for a number of years. He has a heart to help churches here.


Managing the Outcomes of our Life/Businesses

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Do you agree with the idea that God gives us our businesses and lives and He simply wants us to be good Stewards of them?   If so, you can say we have a part and God has a part.  And as owner of the business God’s part is the financial outcome – how the business turns out.  That should free us from the incessant worrying about:

  1. How our actions are negatively impacting the business?
  2. Are we working hard enough?
  3. Is there something we should be doing that we aren’t?
  4. Why aren’t the financial results where we want them to be? (more…)

God Intersections: Tool to find your life purpose

Monday, May 11th, 2009

ebook_image1We have all had to change the direction of our lives and/or businesses….Once we settle on a particular direction we often stay with that life/career decision for many years changing only when forced to by an outside influence. When change forces a reexamination of our path how do we know what direction to head….

Read the entire eBook by clicking here or the image.