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The New Economy | God Intersections

Cooperative Capitalism 101

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I define Cooperative Capitalism as a free market concept where communities of business owners join complementary businesses, competitors (I know, I know), suppliers, customers and other businesses for the purpose of developing Trust and living shared Core Values while engaging in each other’s success.  In these challenging economic times, Cooperative Capitalism becomes viable because these communities improve the odds of success for all the members by providing experience, knowledge and encouragement to each other.

The basics of Cooperative Capitalistic Communities (I will try and refrain from the “CCC” acronym) include regular participation in a group with a: (more…)

This Idea called Cooperative Capitalism

Monday, August 30th, 2010

For most of 2010 God and I have had a running dialogue regarding how to describe what Godintersections.com and Leadership Productivity Forum’s are actually all about. You all have heard me use phrases like:

  1. Finding your way in challenging times using God Intersections
  2. Learning to Trust God with our businesses
  3. Building God’s Economy businesses
  4. Growing success, finding significance.

All true but somehow a little too confining. Particularly when talking to marketplace folks who are not Christians. This year has been fascinating in terms of the dialogue and God Ideas my Intersections have created. So my Current Best Thinking is that we are all about:

  1. Helping marketplace people find their way in business by involving the living God
  2. Working with business leaders to learn, practice and replicate Cooperative Capitalism in our economy


Moving from Man’s Economy to God’s Economy

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

As this idea of Prospering in the New Economy has evolved, I’ve been pondering how God will use these concepts for His purposes and our Provision.  And, of course, as I journey this path, God provides the answers right on time.  In this case part of the answer came in the form of an article by Chuck Bentley, CEO Crown Ministries (www.crown.org).  In the October issue of MoneyMatters Chuck wrote about “The Security you seek is in God’s Economy”.  As I read Chuck’s article a God-Idea formed in my head regarding the basis of Man’s (or the World’s) Economy and God’s Economy.


You want me to Build a Community???

Friday, November 13th, 2009

My last blog discussed how to prosper in this “New Economy”.  I put forward a simple 4 step process for doing just that.  Step 2, Form Communities, has caused the most interesting string of thinking and dialogue.  The main question is “How the heck do I Form a Community?”.

Let’s start with my definition of Community.  Community is a group of relationships that choose to gather around a particular passion, God-calling, idea or offering for the purpose of sharing life and values.  Community is completely voluntary with each member contributing as much or as little as they desire. (more…)

Thriving in the “New Economy”

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

All of us have experienced some degree of difficulty and uncertainty in the “Great Recession” of the  last 18 months or so.  Some substantially more than others.  Questions remain unanswered:

  1. Will it ever go back to the old days?  If so when?
  2. How do I manage my way through this new world?
  3. How do I manage the pain of all this uncertainty?