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Truth | God Intersections

Are You a Follower or a Believer?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

One recent early morning during my Quiet Time God asked me an interesting question.

I had quieted my mind (always a tough thing for me) and was thinking about recent God Intersections.  As I thought about one particular individual I thought “I wonder if that person is a Believer?”.  The Spirit of God quickly dropped a thought in my mind:

“I want you to stop asking that question!”

Quite honestly I was surprised by the thought.  But I’ve learned to quickly check the thoughts against my bible knowledge and then go with them.  My next thought was “I wonder what question I should  ask?”.  In the quietness of the moment I heard:

“Ask if they are a Follower of Jesus?”

I thought “that’s kind of a cool question” and went on with my Quiet Time.  The next God thought surprised me::

“You can be a Follower without being a Believer”.

Now THAT thought messed with my theology.  I have been trained to think you must be a Believer first and then you become a Follower.  As I pondered the conversation with God it became obvious.  Inviting someone to Follow Jesus does NOT require they believe He is the Son of God.  They just need to be willing to follow His teachings.  And if they follow long enough they are sure to become a Believer.

Here’s hoping you invite many to become Followers!


Becoming “A Light on the Hill”

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

As I pondered my learnings from 2009 I realized what a rich year it was. God imparted more things to me during 2009 than any previous time I can remember. Things like:

  1. Truth does not need to be defended – God can handle it. My job is to simply love people where they are
  2. God is the Owner, I am the steward of my life and business. Leave the results up to Him and simply do my part
  3. God, as the Owner, will guide my life if I will simply follow the God Intersections
  4. Move our businesses into God’s Economy
  5. Build a Community, it is the new foundation for significance.


The Truth Needs No Defending

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

You know Truth doesn’t need our help whether it be spiritual, personal or business TRUTH.  Given time it will always show itself true.

As I’ve journeyed over the years one thing I’ve noticed was my penchant to convince people of “the Truth” of my perspective (I apologize it you were ever the recipient of this penchant).  Like if I didn’t convince them they would never figure it out on their own.  Not to mention the arrogance of thinking my perspective was the only Truth that matters anyway.

How much better a perspective of “I have things that work in my life/business and if you are interested I will share them with you”?  Ah but that requires LISTENING. (more…)